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Working with Saudi Aramco at Davos 2019 to deliver an immersive brand experience.

Once again we worked with Saudi Aramco to deliver their Davos presence. Historically a formal dinner, in 2019 we wanted to ramp it up and fully immerse specially invited guests in the Aramco story.

Creating eight immersive, tech-rich environments, plunged guests from space into the depths of the ocean and the oil fields beneath.

Bespoke facial recognition software ensured seamless and fast registration before guests entered the "Manifa Experience" - a ten minute story of a hugely ambitious mega project.

This particular project showcased how they prioritised the environment whilst nurturing local talent throughout every aspect of the project. The technology that was developed was world class, enabling sustainable extraction of the oil from one of the largest fields that lay beneath.

This project encompassed the core pillars of the Energy 4.0 event theme - talent, technology, sustainability and community. The experience was designed to position Aramco as a company fit for creating value for the future, whilst addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Holographic displays and transparent screens showcased the extraordinary technology and scale of this megaproject.

A marine life ‘tunnel’ provided the exit to the main reception. 216 crew were needed to complete this demanding build in just 15 hours.